You are not the Executive Director of the Universe 🤭.

While I wish you to find joy in every chapter of your existence, I want you to choose one thing to do everyday that makes you come alive – more alive in these last days of this year.

Darling listen – I want you to understand that your life can become purposeful, more happier & fulfilling only when you stop being someone who just does the bare minimum & start going the extra mile (doing more than the required 🙏).

I don’t know whether you are still sleeping, snoozing, drifting aimlessly or have woken up completely, I just want you to be accountable, not helpless; Interested, not just indifferent & start doing your things with zeal, passion, energy & enthusiasm.

One more thing I want you to understand is that there are so many things in life that you have very little or no control over. You are not the Executive Director of the Universe 🤭. However, you have incredible control over how you choose to respond to every experience you encounter. Your control lies in your responses. Choose them wisely, as your good responses will bring you life & the bad ones will take it from you.

I wish & hope that you find ways & means to find peace, purpose & power in your presence, always.  Blessings 💐

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