Can you stop being an active participant in negativity – a co-conspirer ?

Mostly we are told to think positive thoughts in order to attract positive energy & events. Today, my advice is to subtract negativity from your habits, rituals & life as much as possible to create space for positivity.

Darling listen – whatever you may say, your positivity to negativity ratio is totally out of whack, firmly weighing towards negativity. You are out of space for any positivity 🤭.

If you don’t know, your negativity has so many impressions – so many faces: pessimism, gloominess, narrow-mindedness, bitterness, disappointments, nastiness & bitchiness….

Sweetheart, stop being an active participant in negativity – a co-conspirer. Stop being drowned in it & sucked in always. Stop initiating it, spreading it, wallowing in it & looking for it everywhere 🤣.

Stop looking for it eagerly & paying attention to ugly buildings, dying trees, downing conversations & turn off the media sources that encourage nastiness & negativity with their air-time.

Use these last days of year to counter & exceed all the negativity & get out of this self-destructive urge completely. Your family, friends & your whole world will be so blessed. Let your presence become the present for your loved ones 🙏.

I wish & hope that you begin to expand & amplify the space around possibilities, proactivity, productivity & positivity, now or whenever it is convenient for you. Blessings 💐

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