Best is not behind us, the best is yet to come…

Today, I wish you to know that the best is not behind us, the best is yet to come. Stay encouraged, eagle’s wings are coming for you.

Darling listen – Continue with the work that is yours to do sincerely with pure intentions & you will soon begin to see a clear sign that your prayers are working & manifesting.

But don’t just wait for a better tomorrow, believe in doing what you can, doing everything to your best, doing the right (good) things & what you are supposed to do today & all of a sudden your signs will present themselves.

Sweetheart, when you begin to make each day count, start doing the right things, start making changes in your habits, routine, perspectives & narratives, that’s when your angels – giver of all good things, your protector, your provider, your healer, your way-maker will show up & give you the best – may be more than you can imagine.

Stay Hopeful & Keep Doing Your Best 💐

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