Being most beautiful in 2023

This is to remind you that it is not only what you do, say or how you react, but also your unconscious desires, intentions & thinking that makes you attractive or unattractive..

Darling listen – who wants to be around someone who looks beautiful, but is constantly negative all the time or who is disrespectful, mean-spirited or who is thoughtlessly causing hurt or inconvenience to others all the time. No one, that’s for damn sure.

Sweetheart, no matter how physically gorgeous you are, if you are a rotten person, you will not appear beautiful to us for long.

Physical attributes come near the bottom of the beauty list, a survey says. In fact, strength was the only physical attribute in the top 10 for people considered beautiful in a person.

A large part of being powerfully & mysteriously attractive, fascinating, charming & beautiful depends upon your thinking, intentions, behaviors & the way you interact with others. What else makes you more appealing & alluring –

  • True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass & what you do when no one is watching over you.
  • Having the ability to listen while being completely present in the moment is a highly attractive & desired behavior.
  • Being comfortable in your skin doing what you want in life makes you attractive.
  • Living the life you want & constantly accomplishing your goals make you attractive.
  • Investing your heart & soul into something you feel passionately about, makes you beautiful.
  • Being proactive & being happy makes you beautiful.
  • Good hearted people with genuinely good intentions are most beautiful.
  • People who keep their words, promises & commitments are amazing people.
  • Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can possess. Finding a way to be confident is a beyond desirable lifestyle and one everyone should strive for.

There are so many other parts that make you beautiful, magnificent & good. Please expand this list as per your own experience.

All I can say to conclude is this- the physical aspects, features, body type, facial balance will obviously get first attention, but what will keep you looking beautiful in the eyes of others is intrinsic & will depend upon your thinking, intentions, behaviours & the way you act or react.

I wish & hope that you will soon become most beautiful in a real sense. Blessings 💐

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