Success blossoms from the soil of determination & not privilege.

To bloom with grace, no matter where you are planted, is a superpower & is a sign of godliness.

Darling listen – flowers do not complain about where they are planted. They make the best use of water, sunlight, soil & warmth available to them & bloom into their best. You must do the same & not worry about where you want to be, but make the best of where you are ✌️.

Always remember that – success blossoms from the soil of determination & not privilege. Let you find ways to bloom into your healthiest, happiest & best version.

I wish you to know that it is your time to bloom, to rise & to shine. Let you become more of yourself, stronger, expanded, blessed, aware, connected & determined in all the possible ways.

Tons of Blessings 💐

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