Since attitudes are contagious, you must ask yourself, “Is mine worth catching?”

I am sure you must have noticed that when you are with happy, positive, enlightened people, you too begin to have positive thoughts, start interpreting things more positively & start behaving (acting) more positively. This also works the other way around 🤭. If you surround yourself with negative & pessimistic people, you too become pessimistic, negative & start blaming, accusing everything & hauling over the coals.

What I’m trying to say is, attitudes are contagious. We all know this. But everyone thinks in terms of how others’ attitudes affect them. They dont think about their own attitude, they don’t give much thought to how it affects the people they come into contact with.

If you still haven’t come to realization about whether you give off a negative or positive attitude, ask yourself today – Is it positive or the negative? “Is mine worth catching?”

Darling listen- your attitude not only affects you, but it also majorly affects the people around you – your family, friends, colleagues & peers.. So think about it, you aren’t only accountable for your own happiness, peace & success, but you are also accountable for others people’s happiness, peace & success, just with your attitudes. It’s a proven fact that attitudes rub off! The next time that you are about to whine & complain about everything you hate, stop yourself & instead, talk about positive & enlightening subjects. This will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit the people around you.

Sweetheart, please choose to focus on the positive, be optimistic & constantly breathe life into every interaction & action if you want to have a more successful, fulfilling & satisfying life.

I am saying this because I have seen that most of the spiritual, happiest & real successful people in the world tend to have great & positive attitudes.

Believe me, small steps, consistent efforts & a positive attitude can lead to big changes. Have a positive attitude that says, no matter what happens, I will beat it 💪! That’s how you’re going to get through 2023!

Sweetheart, be positive, be grateful, allow yourself to connect more heartily, contribute & laugh more to see how a small change in your attitude not only makes you see all the bright things in front of you, but also makes your life more beautiful & fulfilling.

I wish & hope that you gain a fresh, new attitude – the kind of attitude that is worth catching & extend joy, fun, confidence, happiness, peace & encouragement to your world.

Good Luck & Blessings 🎉

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