If you spit in the sky, the spit will come & fall on you… 🤭

I wish you to be the one who make everyone in your space comfortable & help them blossom with your feelings, thoughts, words & deeds.

Please remember that the Universe will never appreciate those who try to betray or harm anyone. It will never bless anyone who has a ‘less thought’ for anyone & who think & speak “ill” of anyone.

Sweetheart, if you are a deeply unforgiving kind of person that deliberately hurts others, mostly act in a manner that is very petty & who actively make others feel “less” simply because you have some kind of “power” or “crown”, I can bet that one day everything will come back to you.

Darling listen – call it consequences, call it karma, at the end of the day, you will get back what you dish out through your predominant thoughts, feelings, words & action. If you spit in the sky, the spit will come & fall on you surely, that’s the universal law.

Let you begin to choose your thoughts wisely & make sure that your deeds always supersede your words.

Let you always speak good words, think good thoughts & do good deeds. I wish & hope that everything you throw in this universe, comes back to you ten-fold 🙏

Blessings & Cheers to you 🥂

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