A Monk or Warrior – alter your reality right away….

Today, I wish you to know that no one can actually tell you how you should behave today or what you are going to be tomorrow…

Darling listen – Choose to be who you need to be – A Monk Or Warrior! You have a force waiting to be unleashed. The key is your mind & focus.

You can decide to be the most courageous, brutal, animal version of yourself or the restful, noiseless, at peace… an angelic version of yourself 🤔.

Sweetheart, if you need to be calm, docile & receptive, be that. But in my opinion, right now, you need to find your inner badass who’s been there for quite sometimes sharpening his blade waiting for you to locate your nuts. Let you bring that dude out & unleash the demons of hell.

You got me wrong 🤭… It’s not at all about Angel or Demon thing… It is only about being more intentional about how you move in life. It is about becoming more productive with your time, energy & talents.

I am sure this simple thought should push you to alter your reality right away. Let your day be as wonderful & amazing as you want it to be… Tons of Blessings 💐

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