Be everything you are capable of becoming. It’s so easy!

I wish to remind you that no matter who you are & no matter what you did or didn’t, you are beautiful, gifted & absolutely capable of becoming everything that you wish to be.

Darling listen – instead of just working to meet your daily pressing needs, begin knowing, exploring, experiencing & creating yourself as who you really are (or can be).

Sweetheart, you can always change & become a better version of yourself by realizing your full potential (through leveraging your experiences & maximizing your abilities & resources).

Accepting yourself & those around you, having a sense of humour (especially being able to laugh at your own mistakes), having a sense of purpose, choosing only encouraging words, inspiring assertions & wholehearted compliments, focusing on things bigger than yourself & showing appreciation towards the goodness of life will surely help you to lead a more fulfilling life & become your best self.

Always remember that self-actualization is an admirable goal to work toward. If you live your life with purpose, authenticity & show appreciation (or concern) for others, you’re headed down the right track 👌.

Choosing less effort, less discipline, less hassle… is okay. I have no issues, but it is simply quitting on the possibilities & opportunities that you might have today to heal or restore your persona & improve your life & world.

Let me make it very clear that only you can determine what self mastery, best version or self-actualization means for you, but I just have got the info to help you get the ball rolling & tried to make the whole process of becoming everything you are capable of becoming less daunting 🤣.

Let this day bring a state of peace, love, wisdom & success into our experience… Blessings 💐

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