Practicing gratitude & living in the moment are the keys to living a happier & more successful life.

Yesterday someone asked me how to practice Gratitude in daily life. To that my answer was – Consciously, deliberately & repeatedly telling yourself all the good stories about yourself & your world, noticing all the good or beautiful things & appreciating them, showing your heartfelt appreciation to your people & telling them what they mean to you.

When gratitude becomes the choice & a natural practice, believe me, you begin to see the things differently. Give it a try!

I know most of you will say that it is easy to be grateful when everything in your life is going exceptionally well. Yes, that is true but contrary to popular belief it is easy to be grateful when you are trying to improve your things or life. In fact, gratitude is the key factor in achieving ultimate success & real happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity & build strong relationships.

Darling listen- until you are grateful for what you already have, you cannot make space for anything greater to enter your life.

Instead of reminding yourself about the setbacks, try & make yourself aware of all the good things or blessings in your life & savor them for as long as possible. It Is A Gratitude Practice. Try it today, you will feel more happy & energetic throughout the day.

When you focus on the little pieces of joy, the little pieces of joy grow… When you focus on pain, pain grows. You can decide & choose what to focus on.

I will ask you to align yourself with all that is good about being here & about being you (your real self)…. Because this is the gratitude practice.

I wish & hope that you feel good of yourself & create a cycle of good. Let You Bloom & Grow Forever… Blessings 💐

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