Continue being a blessing & doing the God’s Work!

I wish to remind you that practicing gratitude, choosing to laugh, sing, dance, maintaining a positive outlook, thinking good thoughts, speaking kind words & constantly doing good is an act of courage in the midst of all the negativity, fear, stress, anger, lies & deceptions.

Believe me staying loving in the face of other’s unloving behavior is an act of Angel. You are not an ordinary person!

Believe me staying joyful, hopeful & optimistic is like a luxury that few of us can afford. Sweetheart, your world shines brighter because of you inspiring so many daily!

Staying modest, humble & respectful in a dismissive & mean world with insolent & greedy people is an act of trust that God is always watching over you!

Darling listen – you are born to do something great with your life. There is a great purpose you need to fulfill. You’re special & you’re unique. Continue being a blessing & doing the God’s Work.

Let your light shine brighter & brighter. Stay Healthy, Happy & Blessed 💐

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