Things that became more clear to me & perhaps to you during COVID19 times..

  • No Pastor/Pandit/ Maulvi could save a single coronavirus patient or it’s spread 😢.
  • World need more hospitals than Temples, Churches & Masjids.
  • Humans are not safe for each other even 🤣.
  • World is not prepared for any pandemic 🤔.
  • Health professionals are definitely more worthy than actors, cricketers & footballer 👏.
  • The Western world is not as educated & strong as it appears.
  • China won this world war (I think this is 3rd) without firing a single missile & no one in world could handle it.
  • USA is no longer the world’s only super power.
  • Vladímir Putin & a few other leaders proved to be the biggest visionary.
  • Hindu Philosophy & Ayurveda Principles were proved right – Prevention is better than cure.
  • Namaste was & is far better than shaking hands 🙏.
  • We are not weak when we ask for more peace and less war.
  • Priceless Oil is completely worthless without any consumption.
  • Most of the human beings are opportunistic and greedy, no matter what their socioeconomic position is 🥃.
  • At times, Toilet paper becomes more important than food.
  • Social networks bring us closer, but these are also the means to create panic & rumours.
  • Hopefully we now can realize the pain & feelings of animals in the caze.
  • Most of the today’s children no longer know how to play without internet or TV.
  • There are so many of the people who still live day by day & are completely helpless 💕😢.
  • There are so many of those who earn million but do not serve humanity at all….. Hope you know them now 😪!
  • The planet & Nature can recharge, regenerate & heal itself without the help of humans..💞
  • Death does not differentiate between race, color or social strata.
  • If you have life, then only you have the world 🤗.

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