Remind yourself that you are so blessed!

I may be wrong in saying this but what if all this nonsense is just to get us to slow down a bit? I mean what if it is to stop producing the chemicals or just to push the whole world inside to let the earth breathe a little more without all the extra pollution, threat, menace & noise that we knowingly cause every second. Isn’t it time for the world leaders & for all of us to take a step back & realize that how our foolishness, greed & selfish actions impact earth & one another. As I said yesterday, it is also the opportunity to become fully aware of the reality that no one in this world is as significant or in control as they think they are 🤣. A virus can come through from nowhere & can wipe us all in few minutes, days or months. Therefore use this time to count everything that you have for which you should be grateful to your God, Parents, Family, Friends, Nature & This earth.

I don’t know whether you will agree or not, but in my opinion we seriously have everything we need for complete peace & total happiness right now. But we all do not realize this in real sense. However this doesn’t fully apply to people who don’t have enough to survive, i.e. food, shelter & clean water, but believe me you are so blessed & I am sure you are living a better life than billions of people worldwide. Remind yourself once again that you have what you need.

I repeat you are so blessed right now & should make the most of this one life God has given you. Remind yourself that God doesn’t want you to do as much as you can, as quick as you can, as perfect as possible. Not at all. Instead He wants you to do something continuously which can elevate you to your highest calling & transform the world around you.

In fact it is the time to reawaken the dreams, passions, your calling that you haven’t acted on in years. Let all the complacency, stupid comfort zones & chosen miseries become intolerable. Let you stop putting your calling on the shelf & immediately begin to find or creating the work that is meaningful, purposeful & profitable for you & your world. From today itself, let you start discovering a life that is full of divine purpose, magnificence, meaning & glory.

After all this, some action ideas:

If you wish to improve yourself a little more & want to become a better person capable of achieving your aspirations then please see yourself for who you are, start releasing negative thoughts & anger, accept your own responsibilities, become a good listener & learner, be more polite & start maintaining a certain level of gentleness & civility,  begin to respect others, Set SMART goals for yourself, be a part of your community & remember to show kindness & compassion to those around you 🙏🙏. 

While I am praying for your safety, comfort, happiness & peace during these trying times, I want you to remember that everything will be okay tonight, tomorrow or in the coming weeks. Stay Blessed & Beautiful! Gdmng.

Powerful morning prayers


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