No one has wronged you!

Today I wish to remind everyone that there is no need to see wrongdoings everywhere, blame others & create unnecessary cynicism to become blind of what is good now.

I mean it is absolutely wrong to think & feel that you have got the short end of the stick in every situation & that someone has wronged you always. You need to stop remaining stuck in your victimhood. You really need to stop telling your wrong assumptions, misinterpretations & story of what happened to you in past again & again to your world in a negative way unnecessarily.

You have to seriously think that perhaps all your resentments have come from your misunderstanding the person, things or events, like feeling ridiculed over a dirty look you thought was directed at you but really wasn’t.

Let me remind you that thinking only about all the awful things that happened to you in past & speaking about these at every occasion actually speed up the fermentation of negativity, anger, bitterness & resentments not only in you but in everyone around. It doesn’t solve anything.

Let me remind you that instead of blaming others for your unhappiness, unpleasantness, misfortune & bitterness – change yourself & try pulling out these old gnarled roots with all your efforts & abilities. After all you are strong, intelligent & a mature person.

Let God help you in making a choice to let go of all the offenses, bitterness, resentments & unforgiveness to unlock the greatness & miracles within you & everyone in your world. Blessings 💐

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