You literally have no other option other than releasing what is not vibing with you..

I am sure you know this already but still wish to remind you that you are supposed to surrender what you cannot control, release what feels out of alignment. I mean how long can you bear things that feels heavy. In fact you were never meant to live with things that drain you constantly, bring you down, try to impugn your integrity, hold you back & raise unneeded drama & mess in your life.

Let me remind you that if one is in alignment with their things, present times & their world, they don’t bring up unnecessary arguments, put things in questions everytime, doubt everything repeatedly, try to control breath of those living around & clamp down every damn thing. They don’t seek or give explanations & justifications why this or that happened to them all the time.

Let you choose to move into a new world of possibility by letting go of that which no longer resonates with you or serves you. You literally have no other option. The faster you let go of the things that are no longer vibing with you, the quicker you find relief, peace & happiness.

Like everyone, you too have a right to experience the thrill of being yourself, fully alive, feel passionate & excited, celebrate yourself & feel that real sense of exhilaration.

Let you gather the courage to shed the old & give yourself permission to be who you are & to receive the best that Life has for you.

Let God align things for you exactly how you want to experience it or greater. Stay Blessed 💐

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