You Too Can Build A Ladder To Stars.

I have firm belief that it’s quite possible for any ordinary person to become an extraordinary person, The Legend. Believe me, You Will.

The author of “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.” says Steve spent the summer of 1985 in a “midlife crisis” trying to decide what he wanted to do from entering politics to becoming an astronaut after he was fired from the very company he created, Apple.

But when he returned to Apple nearly a decade later, he brought the innovation of the iPod, iPhone & iPad. He then made the whole world crazy about his products.

Another great tale of Akio Morita is also not totally different. SONY, today is a Giant in the consumer electronics market. But their first product was the rice cooker which unfortunately did not reach even a 100 households, proved to be a complete disaster. However, this initial set-back did not deter him from building the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that Sony is today. They created revolution with Sony Walkman & today are a leading consumer electronics manufacturers with the operations spread world-over.

What I am trying to say is that “Success does not come at the throw of a dice“. Life journey, whether it is Professional or personal has never been & will never be an evening walk in the park. You will face your share of hurdles, bumps & challenges in your journey, no matter who you are. You have to surpass all these obstacles not only with your courage & competence, but also with equal share of patience & perseverance. No other way out.

Also remember that Extraordinary life comes only with timely evaluation of the status quo & continuous manoeuvring of the action plan to reach to your highest destination. You need to remain committed to your passions, dreams, goals & have to consistently make relevant efforts without unnecessary haste, hurry or restlessness to achieve them.

Keep the flame of motivation burning inside yourself, no matter what.

If there is something that all the legends share in common, are belief in self, faith in their dreams, determination to purse those dreams, persistency, ceaseless & relentless efforts & patience to see their passions culminating into grand success.

Don’t give up & don’t hop on from one thing to another quickly on every jolt. Don’t consume yourself completely into what you are doing for time being, the easier ones. Stay focused on your dreams, desires & goals.

Please remember, it will take some time in building a Worldwide Enterprise, learning to invest for Multiplied Returns, in acquiring an Athletic Body, travelling the World, becoming fluent in Public Speaking, in becoming a Legend, in building & creating the things & relationships that will last longer than you. Have patience, remain grounded & keep doing what you can. Keep trying to maximize your God-given talents to create an extraordinary life in the ways that only you can.

With all this inspiration, I Pray God to help you withstand everything, build a ladder to the stars & in being the best you can be. 👑

My best wishes & blessings are always with you 💐

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