Mastery will soon replace the Amatureness.

Today this post is for the people who don’t stick to what they really want & somehow follow other’s ideas of life. If you are the one who is not living your life, then go ahead & read full article. I guarantee – It will help.

If we look closely, we will find that we have common tendency to get influenced by our families, friends, society, books & even movies…. & Knowingly or unknowingly we begin to copy & transfer their theories, beliefs, thoughts & their ideas into our lives.

Copy paste seems quite a natural act because of the copy paste world we live in these days. Atleast that’s the perception.

Moreover, copying has always been an integral part of our lives during our school & college days. But copying others in real life is usually harmful in the long run.

If you will introspect, you will find that the basic reason of you wanting to imitate someone is you want to become like them. Because you want a shortcut to success. But the desire to copy someone’s life journey can lead us into a tricky trap.

Let me remind you that from the morning routines, habits, life principles & selected life events that you see about personalities who are highly recognised, accepted, loved & successful, are often what they want you to see. You will never know what it really took them to get to where they are. Never!

The only success story you can know for sure is your own.

I know some of you will challenge me with the statement – if newborns didn’t imitate, they would never learn how to walk, talk & their other crucial life skills. Darling, in the adult world, it doesn’t work that way. Imitation can give you a head start, but very soon you’ll appear to be on your own – with only yourself to turn to.

Let me tell you that there is no reason to feel nervous. The single farmula of being successful for all those you wish to copy & follow has been to maximize their own potential, not copying others.

What you should do instead is listen to yourself, be honest about your own personal definition of success, set the priorities accordingly, begin to use your time & energy effectively & follow your own unique way to achieve your dreams ( not the copied dreams, your own).


You can not copy someone’s happiness. You need to create your own.

You should read the inspirational life stories of great leaders, highly successful & courageous people, but that should be only to boost your own motivation, to find your own voice, potential & to give a strong dose of reminder – Everything Is Possible.

I repeat, you have to draw your roadmap for success with the colors of your unique talents, skills, abilities & the potential.

Because all the rich, famous & celebrities have made their dreams & aspirations a reality only through their devoted work & by mastering their craft.

Let you also begin to think of yourself as a craftsman & take your work as your art.

Have full faith in your God. The Jewel Will Reveal Itself. I guarantee. If you begin & improve all these ordinary things you do every day, Mastery will soon replace the Amatureness.

Good luck & best wishes 💐

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