Your future self is waiting for you..

I know that you wish to make a better you.

But, do you really know – what does it mean to be better? No, I don’t think you genuinely know what it means to be a better & greater you. You really don’t know who you could be?

All this is because your false ( filmsy) beliefs & distorted self-perceptions do not allow you to see your real self, what to talk about the future self.

You are intelligent & very well know that to be future self, to be greater self or to be the best version, you will have to raise the bar for yourself. This is the biggest problem. Your old self is not ready to allow you to do that. Infact you are holding yourself to be where you are & who you are. In real your old self is happy to live in denial, avoidance & comfort zone. How will you achieve your future self?

Therefore darling, I request you to let go of your limiting beliefs, relaxing nature, laid back attitude, comfort zone, confusions & everything that is keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself. Let you press the start button today & begin to find the person you really can be.

You really have to focus on your original, real & authentic self & allow yourself to know your own passions, interests, dreams & potential to become most successful in life. There is no other way.

You have your own uniqueness, strengths, talents, powers & divine source. Focus on your inner self & take action to be a better you. Don’t wait, begin to focus on how you can improve & get there.

Let me repeat – the moment you declare who are & who you want to be, start working on daily basis to become the better version of yourself, start putting positive energy into the universe & align yourself with your passions & strengths, you begin the creation of a new reality, a future self who is definitely not just a half-hearted mediocre version… I guarantee.

Remember, the existing version of yourself is an outcome of your past. You know that today is tomorrow’s past & therefore what you do & don’t do today is going to impact tomorrow’s version of you.

Blessings & Good luck to you on your way to becoming the fullest, best, most successful & extraordinary expression of yourself 💐💐

Achieve & Manifest Your Extraordinary Version

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