If you can’t make others feel good, at least make yourself feel good!

Today it is just a simple advice: If you can’t make others feel good, at least make yourself feel good. That will be enough for now!

If you can’t help others, atleast help yourself in becoming a better person.

I agree to the fact that present season is not good & there is a lot of uncertainty in the days ahead, but remember this – it is not permanent, it’s a temporary & small phase in your overall journey of life.

Please take this view of your present circumstances & motivate yourself to make the effort to get yourself back on track.

No need to feel hopeless, weak or inadequate. Motivate, encourage & give yourself a pep talk & start doing all the shoulds & heave-tos to start moving in the right direction. Slowly but surely once this thing is over, you will gain momentum to become more meaningful, capable, stronger & successful. That’s the only way.

Believe me, use the time as an opportunity to plan & create the life you always wanted for yourself. Try out new hobbies, routines, narratives, change your priorities & …. The goal is to do everything that makes you happy, healthy & to keep yourself moving forward. Don’t remain stuck into this.

Let your thoughts, plans & actions take you to the next level. I am praying God for your mental, physical & spiritual growth. Also for your overall development in so many ways.

Tons of good wishes 💐

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