It is your life. Your choices. Your mistakes. Your lessons. You know what is right for you. It is possible that you have been spoiled a bit more than others & that’s the reason perhaps you have been taking your time, life & your world for granted. It is also possible that you think the world owes you a living. Darling reevaluate your position. You by feeling more entitled, only pushing away your possibilities, things & people who love you. Also remember no one is going to feel the heat of your bad decisions, your actions & inactions as much as you will.
Let me remind you once again today that you only have limited time & you must immediately start thinking of what matters you the most in real sense, visualize the near future, imagine all the consequences & think of all the possibilities you still have. Life is still full of possibilities. Ask your greater self today what is stopping you from achieving the desired happiness, success & magnificence.

I agree that in this era it’s so easy to get lost in anything & lose the real track of life because of all the 24*7 services like electricity, internet, television & opulence of everything (which was not so much in our times). But it’s important for you to look at your situation immediately with deeper scrutiny. Even in the midst of all the stress, worry & negativity ( what to talk about you… Yo are so much blessed), people all around us are pulling themselves up, taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there & doing so many amazing things.
If you always remain in your comfort zone, I guarantee you that before you would know it, you will see that years have passed & you are still struggling with the same challenges, still disappointed with your outcomes, still be unhappy & only thinking on what you should have done.
Believe me, there is so much to do, so much to see. Let you remind yourself that your life is filled with endless possibilities, you are limitless, you can accomplish anything & that you must not sit by & watch your life simply pass you by.
Good news – There are so many little things in life that can turn your life around in an instant that can come about from just taking ONE action. Take it today. Be brave, wake up yourself to the reality today. Let you use today & everyday hereafter to become better, stronger & much smarter so that you can convert your dreams into reality.
Stay Being Good to Yourself! Stay Improving Your life & Your World! 💐💐


  1. Wonderful eye opening post Rajesh ji. Kudos to you. Today I have taken one step further in my life. I have also written a blog on how to remain fit amid Corona pandemic.


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