Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!

This is really very important. This has huge potential for making your life more successful, meaningful, beautiful & joyful. (I know, I’m being too much overconfident & hypothetical, but that’s ok…).

I insist you to spend a couple of minutes & go through this even if it sound rubbish to you.

I know that being successful in life means lot of different different things that no body can put together.

But being admired, respected, loved, sufficient, significant, joyful & being healthy are few basic needs & wants of everyone no matter what our means & ways to achieve these. Each of us are free to choose our beliefs, faiths & paths that take us to our higher self. Objective is one, to reach to our highest self.

It is really dumb to expect that your life will achieve it’s mission at it’s own miraculously even if you do not do anything, continue to sit around & have decided to waste your life. Please stop being that stupid person.

Please also stop cursing to your world, environment & everything around for being responsible for your shit. When you do this, believe me it look laughable & ridiculous to everyone around & Universe.

Let you begin to understand yourself more nicely, your world more fervently, start establishing right routines, adopt some good habits, begin to cultivate inspiration & motivation all around & start creating an environment that help you to become your best version.

Please stop being manipulated by anyone or anything who is trying to give you false ideals, meaningless goals, intrusive triggers for dumb behaviors, hollow values, who are trying to cheat you, make you unhealthy, cynical or depressed.

In another words, all I am saying is that you must gain a good understanding of what to chase & what to leave behind, what to focus on & what to ignore, what to seek & what to avoid — so that you can get what YOU really deserve in this life.

I am not advising you to catch hold of your collar or control the breathing of your world but all I am saying is that please start dealing with nonsense ( your & other’s 🤣) more thoughtfully.

Believe me if you don’t understand yourself in that way now, you will be nothing but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by whatever your environment give birth to or the rascals roaming freely all-around.

It means to start designing your life in such a way that you start getting more of those experiences that are actually worth it & less of those that are just superficial, absurd & moronic.

Honestly, I am not a master of it but during these corona days I am sincerely trying to figure that out myself. I have now developed a fixed routine, changed my priorities accordingly, thinking about all this all the time & trying to use my time & resources more effectively.

Alright, I agree that was too much… 🤗 & was only a repetition of what you already know. But, I am sure you will agree that this has the potential of turning your life around.

Now, it is your responsibility to take these thoughts, assumptions, perspectives & see how you can apply to your life asap.

Let you build some routines that will make & keep you fit & healthy, both physically & mentally (think about training & nutrition). Let you put your best efforts to strive, prosper & grow as a person everyday, irrespective of what your age is or where you are.

I know it is going to be hard, painful & seriously annoying in the beginning. But believe me it is very very important to you & your beloved ones. Ask them 🤔.

Stay Being Your Awesome Self! 💐💐


2 Comments on “Strive, Prosper & Grow As A Person Everyday!

  1. Awesome sir Rajesh, your words are life giving itself, to have the wisdom to put up these words it’s a blessing to humanity and I pray that God will strengthen you everyday of your life and equip you with more wisdom.

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