It’s Time to Be the Extraordinary Person You Were Born to Be..

My sincere request today is to make yourself count, commit yourself & begin to reclaim your life & begin to give ample opportunities to make your family & community proud of you. I hope that very soon you become the one that makes a huge difference to your world.

You know this & I repeat – You have been just a consumer until now, it is time to become a composer, generator, maker, grower, cultivator & a developer. For God sake, please don’t just sit back & watch, start creating a life you can be proud of & start creating a version of yourself that your community will be proud of in years to come.

Please begin to use your time & energy in ways that support, uplift & heal you. Begin doing something meaningful, intentional & positive from today.

I know all those silly excuses that you have which are actually holding you from achieving your greatest version. Obviously one of the biggest reason of delaying most inevetible is – because you are trapped in your comfort zone & you know this very well. Get out of it immediately.

Don’t allow yourself to become irrelevant, unimportant & neither here nor there kind of person. Don’t just get lost in the crowd. Be seen. Be heard. You were born to engrave your name in Gold.

Let me remind you that there’s a place within everyone, a universal wisdom that knows one’s needs, desires, dreams, wishes & their strengths, capabilities, inborn talents, powers & almost everything about you. You may not be aware of these right now as this knowledge is drowned out by the incessant chatter in your mind, negative thoughts, confusions, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle & because of you trying to fool yourself continuously. Come up out of the water – dripping wet, victorious & smiling!

I pray God to help you find clarity so that you can discover what’s most important to you & let go of all the distractions that don’t allow you to complete the picture of your great self.

I sincerely hope that after reading this, you decide to take yourself to another level of your own existence where you are whole, productive, special, meaningful, noteworthy & astounding.

My best wishes & blessings are always with you💐

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