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Don’t wait for an older & wiser age!

Darling listen – If you had a month to live, how would you spend it? Obviously, if you knew it well in advance then perhaps you will like to spend quality time with your loved ones & not with the world, will try to… Continue Reading “Don’t wait for an older & wiser age!”

You Owe Yourself Greatness!

Today let me tell you – magnificence, honour, laudation, success & greatness is available for YOU! But you are avoiding it bcoz you know that it will require consistent hard work, dedication & living up to an elevated standard. Stop fooling & holding yourself!… Continue Reading “You Owe Yourself Greatness!”

It’s Time to Be the Extraordinary Person You Were Born to Be..

My sincere request today is to make yourself count, commit yourself & begin to reclaim your life & begin to give ample opportunities to make your family & community proud of you. I hope that very soon you become the one that makes a… Continue Reading “It’s Time to Be the Extraordinary Person You Were Born to Be..”