Don’t wait for an older & wiser age!

Darling listen – If you had a month to live, how would you spend it?

Obviously, if you knew it well in advance then perhaps you will like to spend quality time with your loved ones & not with the world, will try to become a better spouse, parent, child or friend.

You will immediately stop worrying about things that are not in your control & choose fun, happiness & joy as much as possible. Perhaps you will begin expressing your true feelings for others, begin caring them more or perhaps you will use the month to say sorry & thanks to everyone… Or begin sending appreciation notes to all those who did something for you.

You will possibly choose to go out & have some amazing experiences, explore the remaining world. See more Sunrise & Sunsets. Drink your favourite whiskey. Throw a party. Possibly you will pray & worship God more. You will try to create something unique, create a blog to write, record your recipies, help some to make their lives better or solve a puzzle or problem in your own way in order to leave a legacy.

You possibly will like to bring most of your things in order.

Darling, I know it will be any of these with a couple or a combination of these… Whatever these may be… I am sure you will spend that month in some worthwhile & meaningful way with your best capability & wisdom. You will not choose to waste it. No, not at all!

Here it comes – With the same mindset, begin to live your life to the fullest, from today! Begin to do things that you have been putting off until now.

I know that the question I asked you in beginning is irrelevant & it would have offended to few.. but it is the best way I can wake you up, put things in your head & motivate you to pursue your dreams, desires, wishes & live a fulfilling life.

You still have every opportunity to make the most of the life you have right now. You are not late to take a look at how you are carrying on with your life & consider how you can avoid regrets later.

Believe you me – There is never a perfect time than this for you to take action & begin doing things that matters most to you & your world, to change your habits/ routines/ lifestyle & to stand & step out.

All I can say is this – each moment is limited, fleeting & precious. It is your life & your world.

For God sake – please stop making choices & decisions from this moment onwards that invite some kind of regret or resentment or erode your well-being.

You have everything you need to go & make something significant & meaningful, something you deeply care about. Don’t wait for an older & wiser age.

Get started now & begin doing things that you will like to passionately pursue, begin doing some effective, meaningful & productive work everyday. Make sure that there are no excuses, explanations or regrets at the EoD.

I pray & wish that you get rid of the negative thoughts – all the could haves, might haves & should haves & start living a life that won’t make you regret later. May God bless you with better health, love, affluence, happiness & just everything your heart desires.

Good luck 💐💐

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