How to become recognised & become someone in such a challenging time?

I just got this in an email yesterday: How to become recognised & become someone in such a challenging time? If this is the question & thought that is somehow bothering you, please go ahead & read.

Darling listen – with your decision to read further, you are becoming more matured, wise, successful & someone New & More right now; the process has already started. Believe me!

I must tell you that unlike you, most people do not sincerely think of becoming someone, recognised, well heeled, effective & efficient, more productive or have no interest in growing, awakening, expanding or in getting better… 😷

But that’s not you! Soon you will become someone you can be proud of & appear more mature, respectable & become joyful, recognised, remarkable & successful.

The Steps to Becoming That Someone

Here is the biggner’s guide with the initial steps in becoming someone for whom men in stands will take off their hats & for becoming more than who you are right now.

  • First & foremost – Your health & fitness is far more important than anything – so get moving & start picking up & putting down some weights.
  • Fix your attitude, routines, habits….
  • Ged rid of your negativity & things that keeps you away from doing important things.
  • Start taking blames for everything.
  • Talk less & listen more.
  • Stop letting your old fears, your old life, your old habits, old routines limit you.
  • Discover your passions, talents & recognise your own essence.
  • Stabilize & Simplify your life
  • Begin playing outdoor games – involve with a few other people.
  • Start experimenting & trusting, take a bit of risk – Start taking opportunities to do new things & to try out new ideas.
  • No matter what it is, you’ll get it figured out. Start repeating it to yourself.
  • Engrain in your mind – if someone has achieved or done, you too can.
  • You can have whatever you want if you work for it.
  • Recognise or learn or develope a skill that can help you charge a few hundred/ thousand rupees per day to begin with.

I guarantee – if you follow these & then explore/ expand further, it will surely transform your life, give you everything you need to go from – a Sucked Person to an Amazing Person!

I pray & wish good health for you, continuous wisdom & knowledge to guide you. May God bless you more & more with each passing day 💐.

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