Adapt a real world perspective & Take a step forward!

Darling listen – it’s okay if you don’t have a bigger goal in life or if you don’t know the big picture right now. At this point in time, it will be good enough if you know what you’re going to do next or later in day, today 🤣

It is also perfectly all right if you are not as genius as Einstein or a hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis of Die Hard series. Infact no one is expecting you to save the world. It will be enough if you can make a difference to your life today 🤗

I repeat – you don’t have to have a job that involves saving the world & you don’t have to do something incredibly heroic, in order to have a meaningful or successful life. You can help to make your world a better & beautiful place – thereby making your life meaningful – in all the small ways that you can.

For this, all you just need to do is – start rising to the occasions, taking things seriously & start doing your best, whatever it may be.

Always remember that you have everything that you see in your filmy heros, most successful people & role models. All the qualities, wisdom, wit of mind, talent or smartness are just waiting to be claimed. Do it today!

Let you adapt a real world perspective, begin developing & nourishing your inner hero & allow it to come out occasionally.

Take a step forward today, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you feel like you’ll not reach your destination, even if it seems a no win situation. Do it, just do it!

Let your living today reveal your goodness, real worthiness, courage, abilities, fitness & a bit of your greatness!

Stay Magnificent & Blessed 💐

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