Behaving like an Angel!

No matter how deficient you think you are, you are an Angel in someone’s story, always.

Wouldn’t it be good if you begin to look, think & act like that most of the time intentionally? Yes, it is possible!

Here is how you can be an angel most of the time. Try it. It’s simple!

  • Carry a sweet smile on your face always.
  • Lighten things up around you.
  • Become sweet & charming.
  • Begin trying to be modest, not showy.
  • Become confident, but not arrogant.
  • Don’t think of instant gratification.
  • Become more gentle.
  • Stop being rough physically & emotionally.
  • Start listening to people. Understand their core message & feelings.
  • Become more mature. Not boring, just mature 😂
  • Stop creating a fuss & stop getting angry at others unnecessarily.
  • Stop becoming loud & aggressive.
  • Stop getting irritated & tired of complaints, criticism & disorders.
  • Remain calm.
  • Stop overthinking & overreacting.
  • Become more patient, faithful & keep believing.
  • Remain consistent, positive & hopeful about the change you are about to bring with your efforts.
  • Inspire, motivate, encourage, care & help in a way that it is a secret job for you 🔇

One thing more that not too many people show enough appreciation these days & thank to those around them. Atleast you don’t forget to tell others how grateful you are for everything they have done or doing. Always remember that only someone from heaven 😇 can be thankful & show appreciation to others.

That’s the precise reason, I say – Being like an Angel is easy, if you just put in some sincere efforts consistently & pick some new priorities, qualities & habits.

Let your angelic thoughts, words, touch & deeds lift someone’s spirit today & turn someone’s day around. I also pray God to make you feel that your Guardian Angeles are close enough & make you hear the flutter of their wings to assure you once again. Stay Amazingly Blessed 💐

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