Tone down your expectations, demands & complaints & start appreciating what you still have!

Today it is to remind you that you are supposed to tone down your expectations, demands & complaints & start appreciating what you still have.

Remember – we still have each other. We have our unlimited potential, unused talents & abilities, courage & our inherited wisdom. We still have so many ways & means to achieve what we want & change our world the way we want.

I agree to the fact that today it looks like that life is bad on all fronts, it has stopped completely for the time being. Personal life & social life is finished. Your world is shaken & scared. Achieving your goals or fulfilling your potential looks imposible in present times & you are unhappy & so disappointed as a result. I don’t deny any of this.

I also don’t have any problem if sometimes you shout on top of your voice to vent to let off your steam, but complaining for merely complaining’s sake is of no use. If you have something to worry about, follow it up with a constructive solution.

It’s so easy to focus on what you have lost during these rough times, complain & blame everything & everyone. But it won’t help. You can help yourself only by beginning to work on enhancing everything about you, improving your life & becoming a better person to others & yourself.

Therefore, I want you to allow your disappointments & losses to drive you instead of breaking you. If there was ever an opportunity to follow your passion & do something that matters to you, that opportunity & possibility is now around the corner.

Start giving more power to positivity. Love yourself, love others & love the life you have. Instead of merey expecting & complaining – start appreciating your life & things that are often overlooked on a daily basis. Pick up some new habits & change your priorities to boost your sense of wellbeing & to make your days more meaningful.

Make travel plans with family & friends, seek out activities where you can use your full potential & make a plan to join a club, class, support group or a place where you can meet new people… Obviously once this lockdown is over.

Believe me, world will open & economy will gain momentum very soon.

Take Care of Yourself. Keep yourself physically & mentally fit. Very soon you will be doing some great things & see yourself achieving higher goals & accomplishments. Stay Motivated, Positive & Balanced 💐

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