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Your adversaries make you love yourself more!

I wish to share with you a realisation that such disasters & your adversaries make you love yourself & your world more. You learn to remain more resilient, calm, cool & patient with whatever you have. You learn to be thankful for all the… Continue Reading “Your adversaries make you love yourself more!”

Remind yourself that you are so blessed!

I may be wrong in saying this but what if all this nonsense is just to get us to slow down a bit? I mean what if it is to stop producing the chemicals or just to push the whole world inside to let… Continue Reading “Remind yourself that you are so blessed!”

Things that became more clear to me & perhaps to you during COVID19 times..

No Pastor/Pandit/ Maulvi could save a single coronavirus patient or it’s spread 😢. World need more hospitals than Temples, Churches & Masjids. Humans are not safe for each other even 🤣. World is not prepared for any pandemic 🤔. Health professionals are definitely more… Continue Reading “Things that became more clear to me & perhaps to you during COVID19 times..”

You are in charge of your time now!

Gdmng friends. It is Monday, 30th March & if I am not wrong, officially it is 6th day of our 21 days quarantine but in my views it is 9th or 10th day of staying indoors completely. I hope everyone there, my friends &… Continue Reading “You are in charge of your time now!”