Greatest Barrier To Your Achievement & Success?

Today I wish to remind you that padded pompousness, amour propre, fake bravado & abrasive attitudes shouldn’t disturb you. Do not let this make you feel disheartened. Believe you me that in long run, humility & silent determination only work. Nothing has been successful for long if it is done to outweigh someone & if it is done rampantly to serve the self egos.

However if they are really good, then appreciate them wholeheartedly without being jealous. Learn from them. Wish them all the best for the future success.

Coming back on you my dear, I sincerely request that – you do not need to drown in your own self pity & also do not need to tell yourself repeatedly that good things only happen to others & never to you. If you want, you too can create your own luck & start making your dreams come true.

What frustrate me more is that people will discuss their hopes & aspirations but then quickly in same breath add a comprehensive list of reasons why these will never be realized. They themselves create multiple barriers (excuses) to ensure that their life’s desires remain a fantasy rather than something that can ever be achieved. How funny it is. Isn’t it?

Do you know the greatest barrier to your achievement & success? It is not lack of talent or ability as you think, infact it is your fake list of possibilities in life, inability to begin, your unhealthy habits, indolence & your behaviors that stunt your growth. In reality, you’re inadvertently holding yourself back in ways you don’t even realize. One more thing, most of these so called barriers are just your excuses & reasons to not to achieve something without even seeing if it is possible. 

You know what to do & even how to do it, but taking action requires courage, the ability to withstand fear, humiliation & discomforts. But you are conditioned from childhood to avoid unpleasant feelings & to remain in comfort zone. That’s it. Did you get it 😂.

Having taken a leap out of the corporate world now & being a determined reader, eager listener, a coach & enthusiastic writer, I have concluded that you can pursue your dreams if you can have a positive mindset, gather the facts, make a good plan & begin with all that you have. I mean you can be on your way the moment you begin to appreciate the positives in your life & commit to action. I definitely mean that every day, you need to do something that improve your chances, circumstances & life.

Remember you do not know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, pursue excellence & keep doing your best (better than the norm), you will enrich your own life & experience more joy. I guarantee you.

You need to remind yourself that it is not the path that is important, it is you who is walking on it. Decide that whatever path you take, you will surely make a difference in your own unique way. 

Remember that this world craves immediate gratification. But real success takes time. You do need to become successful to prove superior to others & this world. Let you focus on getting better at what you do. Like the quote said:

“The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.”

If you do this, you become better every day.
Strive to become better for yourself, not to be compared with others.

Don’t mind if you’re not in the list of successful people yet, because it won’t be long when you will be the inspiration for others to work harder. Go ahead & challenge yourself & practice being the best to let the success follow you.

Let God make your good deeds & efforts most successful. Stay Blessed! 💐💐

2 Comments on “Greatest Barrier To Your Achievement & Success?

  1. Thank you sir Rajesh, am always inspired by your write-ups, it encourages me to strive to be than I am, May God bless you abundantly for you are a blessing to my world.


  2. Thank you sir, your words are life giving thoughts, I pray to be an inspiring writer like you, You are a blessing to this generation.

    Liked by 1 person

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