Who Is Responsible For Your Success & Failures?

I don’t know whether you will agree or not but always believing that a higher power has predetermined our life, it’s purpose & knows what is best for us is not always true. I mean what you want will not magically appear or fall from the sky or will not come to you as a gift nicely wrapped with a bow. You have to work hard to achieve every ounce of success, to fulfill your goals & to achieve a life that you deserve.

Whole responsibility for our success, happiness & fulfillment is on us & no one else.

I also do not wish to accept fully that all the failures, losses & suffering happen just to teach us some fateful lesson that we have been preordained to learn. Not true.

Sole purpose of writing all this is that do not just wait for superpowers to do everything for you. I mean they will not cook food for you 😂. Let you remind yourself that you are not following any script but instead writing it for yourself & your beloved ones with every breath knowingly or unknowingly.

You have to have continuous belief, faith & the unconscionable knowledge that you are destined & have innate abilities, strengths & talents to achieve your deepest desires & dreams.

But reality is that you have trained yourself to live in a state of constant fear, anxiety, stress & that it is not you but God is responsible for your successes & bringing all that you want & deserve 🤔. Isn’t it?

The other thing holding you back from achieving what you want is the necessity to take massive action on a consistent basis. While you may not agree to this, we all know that it’s the reality. You know that how hard it is to keep taking action on a daily basis & pushing through those limitations that hold you back.

Let me remind you the basic of achieving anything in life is knowing what you want & why you want it. And then creating a massive action plan.

While all this seems so simple at the outset, it involve a completely revamped way of thinking & living. The more you deflect off the track, the less likely you are to achieve the things you want out of life. Take them seriously & commit to putting the necessary time & effort to achieve even the loftiest goals that you set for yourself.

What do you think? Do you think I have a point or is this just a vague thought? Do tell me what you think about this.

Before I close this piece, I must tell my blessed readers that I am a God loving person & do all the same things as you do i.e. praying every day & visiting the religious sites but I do it because of the unique relationship I have with my God just like with every one around me. I pray God to thank him for the countless blessings & seek his continuous guidance, direction & support.

Let God always protect you & lead you down the right path.💐💐

One Comment on “Who Is Responsible For Your Success & Failures?

  1. I agree with you sir Rajesh, we are totally responsible for our lives but most times after making frantic efforts, we might not actually get what we desire, which to me, might mean that we are out of alliance with the universe, therefore, leaving such situations in the hands of God.


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